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artemis051 [userpic]
by artemis051 (artemis051)
at June 4th, 2010 (02:29 pm)

♥Update 6/2/2010♥

6 New Lolita Dress posted and up ! 
New lolita shoes
New Summer Bikinis
New Chiffon Dress's and tube tops!
New summer heels!

Stickers/sticker cards:
$1 of ALL stickers Sale!!!
new stickers
New anime sticker cards! Lots of different anime to pick from !

Kawaii Things:
new phone charms and keychains!
Deathnote, hello kitty , rilakkuma, ect!

New bags and accessories!!! 
Rilakkuma, and hello kitty !


New disney Bento !


New anime necklaces!

New adorible hello kitty and rilakkuma stationary! 
Memos, notes, note books!
H.Naoto hello kitty ava now!

Books/Magazines/ Manga
Chinese loveless manga
 chinese black butler ava now!
New japanese and chinese magazines now!
Coco, VIVI, Skwaii, and more!

Hair and wigs:
Lovely lolita hair accessories and wigs!
Cosplay style wigs and cyber goth dread falls!
chinese cosplay hair sticks!

Japanese 3d nails, Flu mask, new items updated!

NEW SHIPPING !!!!!!!!!!!
$7- $10 world wide FULL TIME!!!!
I GOT A NEW SHIPPING SERVICE! China Post: China Express!
Includes tracking numbers!
faster shipping time of 2-4 weeks!