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Anime traders !

Collect and trade your favorites.

Anime Traders: torrents,Music,MIRC
Posting Access:
Anybody , Moderated

*****attention new rule *****
:Because of some people all post must be friends only or deleted.
to those that have posted before and Don t want to repost im going to post them again but friends only. I have no desire to rule this group like some of the groups im in but apparently i have to setup more "rules".
P.S: i dont encourage trading lisenced animes apparently i have to make that extra clear. arigato.

are a few rules !

please follow them.

- Curious about Bit Torrent? Read this,Bittorrent</a>

- If you are post
regarding the plot of an episode, series, or movie, and you are going to plot
points please make sure to say SPOILER and place behind a cut.

- If posting more then one picture or a long post please use an lj cut. - Please
introduce yourself It helps to know who your getting your information from.
- Posting of for-sale items and ebay auctions is allowed. Some helpful links:

AnimeSuki.com -- A wonderful bit torrent

Envirosphere.com -- Keeps track of
current fansub releases and documents existing groups.

Anime Caravan -- This
site has undergone a few name changes, but it's the best source for finding
out about when new series are airing.

An online 'anime encyclopedia' of sorts. You
can find out how long a series is here.

-- Another anime encyclopedia, containing more series than
animenfo.com (and less engrish).

AnimeUsenet.org -- The latest anime
usenet newsgroup releases and news.

IRC Downloads: The second way to download our releases off the internet, is
through IRC. This is our preferred way, because there are more chances to get
the files you want

BleachPortal. The latest releases will always be available here through
fservs and a xdcc bot. Older chapters are available here, too. The most popular
IRC client (program to connect to IRC) is mIRC. For other clients, check out
the links. Here's some instructions for setting up mIRC to connect:

1. Click 'Download mIRC' and save it to your Desktop.

2. Open the new icon on your desktop and click 'Unzip'.

3. Open 'My Computer' then your 'C' drive, and then open 'mirc'. Open the icon
that says 'mirc32.exe'.

4. Fill out the information, such as nickname. Then, type the following into
an IRC client: /server irc.IRCHighway.net Register your nickname. (click here
to find out how) /join #akatsuki-manga A couple channel commands: Type !rules
to view our rules. Read the topic for the newest release !list is for the fserv
list @find is allowed, but not all fservs utilize it For more information on
how to navigate and download files using mIRC: Check out this FAQ written by
katydid, it shows one how to download (aka "leech") files from other users,
via fserv and xdcc.

files via mirc

those with slow connections

are a few places to buy some anime.



are some of the popular servers on mirc Irc.enterthegame.com

personal fav Aniverse: irc.aniverse.com

DALnet: irc.dal.net

Enterthegame aka

ETG: irc.enterthegame.com

Webchat: irc.webchat.org

EFNet: Go to EFNet's server list and choose one to connect to,

I have problems connecting to EFNet otherwise.

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